Recent Projects

Christian Reserve, Murray Bridge

The Court Complex at Murray Bridge consists of 12 Courts in total, and is linemarked for both Tennis and Netball. It is laid out in 2 banks of 6 Courts and the surface we began with was aged bitumen in very poor condition, which was badly cracked, very porous and significantly oxidised.

We repaired numerous cracks, patch 'bird baths', ground the surface, ground off old peeling lines and applied a 3 Coat System of Acrylic Plexipave. This consisted of 1 Coat of Black Acrylic Resurfacer and sand, 2 Coats of Pigmented Acrylotex, and linemarking for both Tennis and Netball.

We were delighted with the Plexipave finish and the overall visual appeal of the Courts at the conclusion of our Works and have received high praise for a job well done from both the Murray Bridge Council and Tennis SportDev Australia, who managed the Project.

City of Burnside, Langman Reserve

Prior to our Works, the Langman Reserve Court Site consisted of 2 very old Tennis Courts in very poor condition.
We completely demolished all of the original Court infrastructure and constructed 2 new Plexipave Courts nestled into the Langman Reserve Parkland, an area made available for use by the local community.

We incorporated a Practice Area for both Basketball and Netball into this Tennis Complex design, making it more multi-functional.
The feedback from the Tennis, Netball and Basketball community has been very rewarding, as have comments from the Burnside Council. The Courts look great and are in constant use.

Pulteney Grammar School

The Pulteney Grammar School Basketball/Netball Complex is situated across South Terrace from the School and comprises 2 Courts marked for both Basketball and Netball.
The design needed to take into account very poor soil conditions and cater for extensive use by students of the School and also by members of the general public.
We applied a Plexipave Pigmented Acrylotex surface to these Courts, knowing full well that this would stand up to the heavy usage they would need to withstand on school days and also on weekends.

A highly successful outcome and a very satisfied customer at handover made the challenges this Project presented us with worthwhile.